Perth SER’s Junior Masterchef Day!


Wowsers! WHAT an amazing day!

The Perth SER was super turbo mega excited about today’s very special guest star: Greta, the winner of Junior Masterchef 2011! The whole morning was spend transforming the room into our own Mini-Masterchef Kitchen! WA’s very own Greta was an absolute pleasure to work with, we made sure she wasn’t too nervous going on Starlight TV, but “apparently” she had been on TV before and wasn’t scared at all, what a trooper! Greta and her Mum brought in a whole bunch of exciting cooking gear and even taught all the Captains how to make her famous cup cakes (Which the Captains may have “accidently” eaten for lunch!). There was also a special guest appearance by the Masterchef judges b(who looked suspiciously like the Captains in masks…)

With spectators aplenty in the SER, everyone’s stomaches were rumbling with all the talk of yummy food and we discussed her favourite recipes, cooking secrets (I learned how to crack an egg!) and we even got the inside goss on some of the Junior Masterchef kitchen cooking disasters! WHAT A SCOOP!

We miss her already! Those cupcakes were SOOOOOOO GOOD!

Boy Cap (WA)


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